Update 2.30

Matchmaking FIXES: -Server closing automatically fter 60 seconds if there isnt 10 players fixed -Player accounts limited to 3 -New ban system, punishing leaving players gradually per amount of leaves -Rankings added -Small UI ajustments -Report player button added


Update 2.26

-New game mode 2v2 with bots enabled, allowing:
*1v1 with 2 bots on each team
*2v2 with 1 bot on each team
(temporarily allows 3v3 without bots)

-bot´s speed significantly increased in ranked challenges
-Large player's height slightly nerfed
-League's first game weekend scheduled


Update 2.22

Fixed problem causing some matches to not be saved (being tested).


Update 2.18

-Fixed player profile's icon uploading.

-Fixed team's logo uploading.

-Added link to our Youtube channel.

-Added link to our Instagram page.


Update 2.14

-League registration open (fixture dates and hour not final yet)


Update 2.10

- Goalkeeper's movements and positioning reworked.
- Academies invite limit and player limit increased to 70.


Update 2.06

-slide's length and area fine-tuning.
-fixed bug goal from goal line.
-GK movements improvement.


Update 2.02

-Masterserver crashes fixed.
-Flags minor fixes.
-F8 functional changing kits to red and blue.
-Working Team trophies (was previously made).
-Added Polish server.
-All stats resetted.
-Teams now start with 10k points.
-Added six brand new available player avatars - mohawk, long hair, ponytail, afro and others.
-Added discord link with two hours free vip.
-Added one hour free vip for new players.
-Removed 1v1 and 2v2 challenges.


Update 2.29

-Autostart fixed for 90 seconds
-Match will not start if there isnt 10 players in the lobby 
-Match will close automatically after its finished
-Team goals fixed to show decimals
-Rejoining MM match after crash fixed. works even after joining a training server


Update 2.25

-Added exclusive skins (Obtainable trough Crowdfunding)
-Added extra trophy
-Added position number on League Standings
-Updated the league logo
-Open League registration
-League is now available to Brazilian teams (their games will be on USA server)
-Goal Keeper stands up faster after defending
-2 New VIP fields added


Update 2.21

-Fixes concerning vip F8 feature .
-Fixes concerning size changing for Non VIP players.
-Team display reworked, allowing more players to show without scrolling.
-New game icon added.


Update 2.17

-Fixed problem that caused some games to not be saved.
-Fixed game crashes related to the league (testing).
-Team goals show now the average team goals amount per ranked match.
-Revised player sorting in the team overview.
-Added league logo in the user interface.


Update 2.13

-Area of influence of medium and large player slightly buffed.

-GK improvements concerning long shots.

-Added option allowing to buy VIP to someone else.


Update 2.09

-Added Game settings to user interface.
-Returned options to resize game screen, graphics quality and windowed mode.
-Added 2 new skins.
-Added Wos Academy as an official academy.
-Added "/team" comand in game server chat, to check who is online in your team.


Update 2.05

-f8 fixed on radar.
-f8 can be used repeatitly.
-Partner status added with new exclusive skins.
-list player names in training room from lobby.
-Added /info "nickname" function on ingame chat.
-smaller slide area for all sized players.
-bigger slide area reduction for small sized players.
-slide lenght significantly reduced.
-UI small changes.
-Fixed Team Text problem.
-Fixed Offside Bug using slide.


Update 2.28


-different location creates separated queues and match server is chosen accordingly

-teams balanced based on player ranks

-removed option to change team

-added auto-start of 30 seconds

-any player can now join a MM match that hasn't started yet

-players that left the match can now rejoin it

-MM match now visible on matches

-players that leave the match will get a massive point penalty

-players who leave the match 3 times will get banned automatically

-MM rankings now ignore players that haven't played any MM match

-team goals fixed

-MM Stats added and counting

-if a player will join a training server, he will automatically leave the MM queue

-minor bugs fixed



-position selecting on MM

-rankings UI

-room closing automatically after match

-match not starting if there isn't 10 players in the match lobby


Update 2.24

-Added Team achievements for longevity, rewarded as points:

100 matches = +1750 pts
200 matches = +2000 pts
300 matches = +2250 pts
400 matches = +2500 pts
500 matches = +2750 pts
600 matches = +3000 pts
700 matches = +3250 pts
800 matches = +3500 pts
900 matches = +3750 pts
1000 matches = +4000 pts
1100 matches = +4250 pts
1200 matches = +4500 pts
1300 matches = +4750 pts
1400 matches = +5000 pts
1500 matches = +5250 pts
1600 matches = +5500 pts
1700 matches = +5750 pts
1800 matches = +6000 pts

(2 games will activate the previous reward. If a team has 450 games played it will recieve after 2 games, +2500 pts. When that team reaches 500 games, it will recieve +2750 pts.)


Update 2.20

*Non VIP new features:
-All player sizes are available.
-New Non vip skin.

*VIP player´s new features:
-Changeable field.
-In-game kits changing to red and blue (f8 key).
-Access to all the players skins.
-Changeable cursor.
-Team logo uploading.
-Player profile icon uploading.
-Eligible for buying Partner.
-Editable team text.

*Partner player´s new features:
-Changeable nickname.
-Changeable flag.
-Option to reset player´s career.

-1v1 Challenges restored.
-New skins added.
-New GER and POL servers.


Update 2.16

-League's fixture's time slightly changed.
-Added an extra german server,
removed spanish server.
-Added two new partner skins.
-GPU performance optimized
(recommended - "good" to "fantastic" settings)
-WoS Academy's player slots made unlimited.
-Added Discord link ingame.


Update 2.12

- The full details of the last matches are now accessible in the team's "results" menu.


Update 2.08

-Minor fixes in order to make the game run with less lag and without using so much cpu.
-Minimization possible by pressing ALT+ENTER. Press ALT+ENTER again to restore Full Screen.


Update 2.04

-Ingame chat design change.
-Ingame chat minor fixes.
-Added Spanish server.
-Added option to choose chall server by country.


Update 2.27

-Bot speed significantly increased temporarily for the Bot Challenge Cup

-fixed bug that cause players to not be able to access their own profile 

-Added challenge option of 5v5 with bots 

-League matches are again automatically open at the scheduled time


Update 2.23

-Brazilian server crashes fixed (testing)
-Player skins slightly changed
-New player skin added
-Added an announcement box
-Cursor and field save even after logout
-Discord link updated


Update 2.19

-In-game visuals changed
(field, cursor, nets, power)
-Lobby visuals changed
(background and buttons)
-WoS logo updated

-New game mod: Quick play
(first version without position choosing or team balancing, stats count as training)


Update 2.15

-League games scheduled.

-Partner size changing bug fixed. (only vips can change player size)

-League rules added trough link to discord.

-Fixed league negative points. -"Taribo" skin small fix.


Update 2.11

-Added sound notification for ranked match.
-Added sound notification for nickname mention in chat.


Update 2.07

-Fixed player text box.
-Fixed teams text box. Can now be changed by masters as well.
-F8 fixes.
-Upgraded avatar design on UI.
-New official academies.
-New players get invited automatically.
-Added FR/GB server
-Removed Dutch server due to connection problems.
-Added Zoom option ingame using mouse scroll.


Update 2.03

-fixed having to click again on chat to write ingame and on lobby.
-inverted text direction ingame.
-added f9 to turn chat on/off ingame.