WoS Reloaded - Steam launch

Updated: Sep 8

*World of Soccer Reloaded We are thrilled to finally be able to publically announce the relaunch of World of Soccer. After about one year slowly improving the game in many fronts and hearing what the community had to say about it, we've decided that the game has gotten to a development stage where it deserves to have a new fresh start, away from the shadow of "world of soccer online" launched in 2015.

We are very excited with the relaunch and I hope you guys are as well. Here goes the link to the store page on steam:


Don't forget to add it to your wish list !!

So, new features? Yes, even though you shouldn't expect big changes from what has already been made in the previous updates, some things will change: *New skins A total of 30 skins with unique skills.

*Skins and sizes rebalance Skins now affect the player skills in pace, dribble, shooting power, heading tackle, recovering from slide and pushing strength. Large, medium and small sizes are now replaced by many possible variations.

*Improved Matchmaking Beta version is finished and server its porpouse. Matchmaking matches will now be shorter and more intense than ranked team matches.

*Referral system You can now acquire VIP by just inviting friends to play with you!

*Servers More and better servers.

*Others There will be many other small changes and adjustments in various things such as fields, interface, gameplay, etc. Some more visible and noticeable than others.

ETA World of Soccer Reloaded is planned to be launched in the first of October. More details about the launch time will be released in the future.

What happens to the VIP and Partner that players bought on the live version of World of Soccer? We will transfer the VIP to the new accounts on World of Soccer reloaded. What about team and player stats? Team and player stats of the live version of World of Soccer will not be transferred. The main reason is that in a new player perspective we believe it is demotivating and intimidating to see that many players already have hundreds of goals and matches, The gameplay will change and the stats may change as well from now on.

Can you keep team and player trophies? We have decided to transfer these as well, as they were recently won and hard fought prizes don't have much influence on a new player's perspective when starting now fresh. The condition is that you create an account with the same nickname/team name.

Will World of Soccer close? Yes, it will close, but not right away. WoS will continue active and running for the next weeks, closing only when we are closer to the launch date. We will make sure to let you know beforehand. Until then, no reason why we can't still have fun playing some team matches or matchmaking matches!!