• Bernardo Silva

Vip and Partner changes

Hi everyone.

Update 2.20 was one of our most expected updates as we wanted to do it since the beginning of the game. We wanted to give players a good reason to support the game with vip or partner and only yesterday we managed to finish these important extra features.

Today we follow the footsteps of the most successful MMOs, having paid features that are merely visual or aesthetic, without any direct influence on gameplay.

After this update, players are no longer "forced" to pay vip or partner in order to play on a top level. In the future we hope to add even more interesting features such as new skins, private servers and many other surprises.

This update is, in some ways, a huge turn on how the game's monetization will work and a bet on something untested and completely new. The only real way we have to know if this could work, is to actually test it "live".

This feature will stay for the next two months, and we hope it will have the support from the community that can make it a definitive feature in World of Soccer.