• Bernardo Silva

Official League Review

Official League was announced on April 14 and ended on May 30, counting with 12 European teams participating on division 1. There were 132 matches, played at saturdays and sundays, to find the champion of a very competitive league which was only decided on the last matchday.

Regarding prizes, we will award trophies to the top three teams and for all players who participated in league matches. We will also distribute VIP to players whose team has completed all matches with, at least, 4 players.

On the image above we can see the final Standings of the league. The Shield started very strong and remained invincible until the last 4 matchdays where they got 1 draw and 2 losses and there was an opening for Son of Pitches to try to grab the first place. There was also a great dispute between Team Lamus Prodigy and NS Team which competed for the fourth place until the very last moment. Team Lamus Prodigy did an amazing last matchday by winning against The Shield and Half Dead and secured the fourth place by only 2 goals difference.

Kajri Irving did a great job on helping The Shield grabbing the first place on the league by scoring an amazing number of 37 goals! vul started the league on Blackbirdz and later transferred to Sons on Pitches where he surely helped his new team by scoring many goals and ending with a total of 35 goals. Just as there was a dispute between The Shield and Sons of Pitches until the very end, there was also a dispute from this two players for the title of Top Scorer.

Regarding the Top Assisters of the league, BarneyROM got the first place well isolated from the other players, proving that when it comes to offering goals, he is the man you want on your team. On the other hand, we can also observe that our defenders also had a huge impact on the offensive game, as it shows there are 4 defenders on the table. We also have to give a mention of honor to vul, who was the player with the largest cluster of goals and assists in the league, showing to be a complete offensive player.

Congratulations to The Shield as they are the Official League Champions!!

They were overall the most consistent team, having mostly a short pass and slow building game play, defenders who could defend well and also contribute with assists and attackers who found the net over and over again.

We also congratulate Sons of Pitches and Half Dead for the second and third place, respectively, since all top three teams will receive a permanent trophy accordingly with their placement.

On a final statement, we want to leave a note of gratitude to every team and player who participated on the league and helped us to make it fun, enjoyable and competitive. Thank you!