• Bernardo Silva

Official League

The Official League will have one division with 12 teams and the matches will start on saturday at 20:29 CEST.

The matches will always be played at saturday and sunday with the last journey being at may 30. Also, there will be 2 matches for each team at each of the days and at the same hour.

The sign ups will always be open even after the start of the league so that new teams can also participate and grow on a competitive environment.

The teams that finish at the top3 of the league will receive a permanent trophy accordingly with their placement. Also, there will be awarded VIP to every player that fulfills the requirements as stated on the rules.

We will keep an updated record of the league table and statistics both on our Discord and on our Social Media accounts, mainly on Facebook and Twitter. So make sure you enter our Discord and follow us on Social Media!

You can read all the league rules here: https://discord.gg/NpbCcd3

We wish all the teams to have fun and good luck!