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Interview with vul

Updated: May 25

1. Today we interview vul, a versatile player from "Sons of Pitches". Talk to us a bit about yourself.

My name is David, I'm from Poland and I'm 29 years old. I work in a large company producing electronic components for various production machines. Besides football I like to travel and I am interested in MMA.

2. When did you start to play this type of games and how did you come across World of Soccer?

I started with NS which I found on some Polish game site in 2006.I played on the Croatian team where I spent my first year. Our beginnings were mainly just losing matches and trying to keep the players needed for regular play. I found out about "WoS" as soon as it was announced on steam.

3. What attracts you the most in the game?

Like most people, I like the freedom of movement, the multitude of possibilities and a completely different approach to football games. Gameplay is also very absorbing and despite the many hours spent in the game, it never gets boring.

4. Most of the community considerer you as one of the best players in WoS. How does this affect you and your game?

I don't think it's possible to say clearly that one player is the best, so I'm approaching it with a distance. There are many great players like Adi, Canubio, AlexdeSouza, Manfias, Kajri Irving, BarneyROM, Lazarz and many more. It's hard to say which of them is the best because each of them can play on a very high level.

5. Which play style do you identify more with? A more direct or a more based on short passing?

My favorite style is the most effective one :) A lot depends on who I play with. I don't identify myself with any particular way of playing, i'm trying to fit in with the team and play with both short passes and strong long balls depending on what the situation on the pitch requires.

6. Having scored as many goals as you have and also having a lot of assists, surely you have some tips for the new talents out there that are trying to improve themselves. What tips can you give them and which characteristics do one need to have to become a great winger?

A winger is a very underestimated position, and the truth is that he has to be very flexible and focus on all aspects that are crucial for other positions such as shooting, passing or covering. Apart from that it is very important to keep an eye on your position and have a good ability to move without the ball. These aspects should be the focus of players who want to play in this position.

7. You have changed teams quite a bit already, why has that been happening? And do you see yourself creating a steady team by yourself in the future?

It was mainly about trying to play in different teams, with different people. After so many years of playing it was nice to try different options for variety. Now I'm back in the Sons of Pitches where the great players are playing and I'm going to stay here a little longer. As for a stable team, I think it's just a reactivation of the Rebel Alliance, but that's probably in the far future when the game will have a bigger player base.

8. Recently your latest team, Blackbirdz, has ended. What were the factors that caused that?

I think the main reason was that the activity of individual players was decreasing, which led to the fact that it was difficult for us to get together for a match because more than half the squad stopped playing or played very rarely.

Inactivity also started small quarrels or misunderstandings, which made it even worse, the most active players were discouraged by the whole situation and after some time of thinking it was decided that we probably won't be able to play the league in the full lineup until the end.

9. What about real life friends and WoS? Are there any WoS players that you have met in real life? And any hard rivalries ingame during these years?

In the first part of the game I had 3 friends who played quite regularly but on a much lower level, now they are not yet tempted to try again. As for the rivalry, I love playing with The Shield because there are great defenders like Adi,R4dical,Experimental or mikel_amatriain who force me to make a lot of effort, so the satisfaction after beating them is even greater. I don't think I have any sworn enemies, not counting a few individuals, but it's more on a personal level.

10. About the Official League, how do you think it has been going? And what are your predictions for the winner and for your team placement?

In the first season, "The Shield" started very well, not making any mistakes so far, so I think they'll be the ones who will be the first in this season. The second place in my opinion will go to our team, although we can't underestimate such teams as NS Team, Half Dead or Team Lamus Prodigy, which with good disposition can play as equals with everyone.