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Interview with Thorson

1. Today we interview Thorson, an active American midfielder. Talk to us a bit about yourself.

I'm 47 years old, probably one of the older regular players in WoS! I played left wing back and various midfield/wing positions in real life back in 90's in a couple semi professional leagues (Peninsula Majors division and SBSL Premiere) before the MLS was formed and I am a die hard Arsenal FC fan!

2. When did you start to play World of Soccer and what attracts you the most in the game?

I played for about a year before the game was shut down. Currently have over 550 hours played!

I love the controls as far as what you can do with the ball passing wise... definitely need to work on the lob shot and due to ping issues, it is much harder to perform complex dribbling in traffic outside of U.S. servers.

3. You have changed teams quite a bit already, why has that been happening? Do you see yourself creating a steady team by yourself in the future?

Right now all I'm trying to do is find a steady home where I'm regularly in the starting 5 with a group of guys that play regularly. Its not easy being a USA player with the time zone differences and sometimes language barriers. I kind of feel like the Rodney Dangerfield of WoS sometimes, I think I'm a decent player that doesn't get a lot of respect! :P I have started making more than 1 player so that I have players on more teams. More players on more teams = more chances at matches/games during peak hours. Right now I have Thorson, thQrsQn, Q and will make a fake as needed to get play time. I'm really eager to find players that understand what I'm trying to do on the pitch, as a winger I'm constantly looking to make the runs and 99.9% never get the lob down the line or that low hard diagonal through ball into open space that I can run onto which can get frustrating! Maybe playing with voice comms might help.

4. Are there any players you specially like to play with? Or any player you would like to play with in the future?

The NS Astros are a good group of guys and they are determined to help the game grow in USA/South America time zone! I also enjoy playing with some of the regulars in WoS like Spacedeck, Kepab, Kuba etc! Dexodd, Mr. Orange, R4D etc!

5. You've played some time on the Academy. How was the experience and what's your opinion about the academy project?

I love the academy idea. It's an excellent way to introduce new players to the game, to match play/organized play, and I think over all the academy project will help acclimate players to the game and help keep them around!

6. You are the only active American to play the game. Do you think we could reach an American community? And do you have any suggestions for accomplishing it?

I've been thinking about this a lot because I really would love to see the numbers of players in this game grow, especially in the USA time zone. Before this game went down, there was about 10-12 regular USA players. I cannot for the life of me remember all of their names but I have started reaching out to the ones I have on STEAM and am trying to get them to pop back in. Social Media, game groups, soccer groups, word of mouth is all I can think of at the moment.

7. Which improvements would you like to see implemented on the game?

I'd like to see the VIP/Partner features either consolidated or fleshed out more. Match stats available during/post game. More skins, more sound options (get rid of that horn sound)

8. Do you have any message you would like to share with the rest of the community or someone in particular?

Yes, I'd like to thank JoneH and company for restoring this game! I'd also like to thank Spacedeck and crew for working hard to keep WoS Academy fun and inclusive to new members in an effort to help this game grow!