• Bernardo Silva

Interview with serefoski

1. Today we interview serefoski, an active player from "Oppai FC". Talk to us a bit about yourself.

Firstly ty for inviting me to the interview. My real name is Seref. I studied mechanical engineering and i am 26 years old. I have been using this nick 'serefoski' on social accounts for a long time. It has no special meaning, I just love it. I love play football with computer or in real life. I was playing football on real life with my friends. We are playing basketball nowadays. Because we are not crowded enough to play football. When people finish college, they usually stop doing sports. But i didn't.

2. When did you start to play this type of games and how did you come across with World of Soccer?

Before this game i played New Star Soccer. I really liked this game. I played for a long time nss3. I searched for a game like nss on steam and i found World of Soccer. I didn't remember date maybe 2016. I looked for similar games when the servers of the world of soccer were shut down. I tried TPM, but the game mechanics sounded different and honesty TPM didn't give the taste of WOS. I was sometimes checking wos servers.I was very happy when wos servers were opened.

3. You are one of the most active players on public games, some times preferring to train than to play a ranked match. What do you like the most about it and why do you play soo much there?

Ranked matches are more exciting. I think I play better when I'm comfortable. Also, I wasn't good enough to play ranked matches. I was playing to improve my own skills in training and after a certain improvement, I turned to ranked matches. Today I prefer ranked matches than training. I think skills can be improved in training, positioning can be improved in ranked match. I would like to point out that the training part was more fun before the wos was closed, and as far as I can see, not many people prefer training nowadays.

4. Which are your favorite features about World of Soccer?

In this game, everyone controls a single person, which shows that we need to act together. I love this part of the game. In a match, you do your best, but you can be defeated by someone else's mistake. So the relationship between the same team players is very important.

5. What about real life friends and WoS? Are there any WoS players that you have met in real life? Or any good friendships you have created in the game?

I didn't meet anybody but i have good relationship with some players. We even created Oppai FC. We are talking on discord and playing wos in the night with Onur, casan0va and mrtcn59. We were calling mes to our team, but he didn't want it. If you read this join us mes :)

6. Are there any players you specially like to play with? Or any player you would like to play with in the future?

This is a team game. When i watch The Shield or some top teams, all players are good. But I want to open a special bracket for Manfias, both for playing it very well and for helping new players. Thank you Manfias, keep going on, new players need you.

7. There is a whole new generation of turkish players emerging. Do you think we can see, in the future, a turkish team competing as equal with WoS top teams?

We have very good turkish players in this game and they will continue to come, but being a top player is not easy. If we look at the top players, most of them have played ns before. It takes time. So I don't believe that there will be a high-level Turkish team in the future. First of all, we need more Turkish teams.

8. Can you share with us a game or an episode that happened in WoS that marked you or that will be hard to forget?

I never forget that while playing in Tugas, we had defeated The Shield by 4-3. I also had a goal in that match. Rick had played very well that match and now he is playing on The Shield. Another episode was when we had tied 2 times against Son of Pitches with the best fake team ever founded by manfias. I didn't play any more matches and fake team lost those matches.

9. Do you have any message you would like to share with the rest of the community or someone in particular?

I want to say something to good players from here. Please don't play in the same teams. I find the team diversity inadequate in the game. It is easy to choose good players for good teams, but there are not many teams to play for beginners. This is needed for new players. If we do not help beginners, this game cannot reach the place it deserves. I think it's a good interview. Thank you all for showing patience to my bad english. Also thanks to the developers of the game.