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Interview with Sepsiak

1. Today we interview Sepsiak, defender from The Shield. Talk to us a bit about yourself.

Hello, my name is Krzysiek. I'm 28 years old, from Płock (Poland). I work in the refinery and I'm chemistry engineer.

2. When did you start to play World of Soccer and how did you find it?

I started playing WoS from beginning I think, my friends from older versions of the game mentioned it that it was worth to try, so I gave it a shot. Before that I was playing Netsoccer and Netsoccer 2 as well, I would say I'm an old boy in this game :P

3. What attracts you the most in the game? And any ideas you would like to see implemented on the game?

I like skill of people, they work on it, they are getting better and better every day, community is growing, slowly but I think it is growing. I like the competitive gameplay as well, every game I play I try to go as competitive as I can, the highest possible level and the league in WoS is what we all need. About the game state at the moment I think it's good how it is, bugs are being fixed and discussed very quickly, so there is not much to worry about in the future.

4. You played for a long time on NS Team. What was the reason for leaving them?

I was having an argument with a member of the team after every bad game or pass. We didn't get to fix the issue over time and it was tiring me, so I decided to switch team (but still I respect NS team guys, we are still talking a lot, and they are very skilled and chill people at general).

5. Now you are playing for the Shield. How has it been going so far? Which are the main differences in game play comparing with NS Team?

When I was playing in NS Team sometimes Shield was asking me to come play as a fake. I was enjoying the game when I played with them which was probably the main reason I switched teams later on. The difference between playing in NS Team and Shield... in NS Team players trusted me more with play making, a lot of passes were coming through me and even that I am playing ogre I like to play a fast-paced game and 1-contact style. But we will work this out in Shield too I hope :)

6. The Shield won the last Official League. Do you think you will revalidate the title? And which are your hardest opponents?

If we play with our best possible 5 in most important matches, I am sure we win it, but people have lives, so you, never know how it's going to go in the end. The hardest opponents will be for sure NS Team and Mouse Freak.

7. One characteristic that marks you is that you play with Big size. When did you start to play with it and why? What are the main advantages for you?

I started playing ogre (its not big size, its OGRE) long time ago when it was Netsoccer 1 times. Didn't switch it over no matter what changes game provided, the same happened in WoS.

I started playing ogre from beginning and even that it got some changes over the time, I am and will still be playing it in the future. People think ogre is overpowered because it's easy to score a header goal or heading from corner, but it is also easy to slide-tackle him to prevent it, but you got to keep track of how ogre moves just before the cross (why am I selling the tactics :D).

8. For future players that may follow your path on Big size defense, can you explain or give a quick tutorial on how they should play with it?

It's easy to score a goal from the head, but first you need to make yourself good position, because most likely people will try to slide you down and most likely you will have 2 or more players on you during every cross or corner. You need to make yourself on a good position, use your ogre size to maneuver others and push them far, so they need to reposition to actually tackle you and search for perfect moment to stop moving people and go for the ball coming out of corner or cross.

Looks complicated, but it's how I do it every time, people try to counter and sometimes they win a battle, but you know, when 3 or more people are on you during crosses, there is plenty of pitch free to pass the ball, so you make space for the team. So your team is important as well, they need to know how to play with ogre and use it as advantage not only for crosses. I made it elaborate nobody will probably understand so I'm making TLDR: positioning, using your size to move people and good heading skills, predictability of slides against you.

9. Are there any players you specially like to play with? Or any player you would like to play with in the future?

There is a lot of skilled players I like to play with because they think similar way that I do on the field, so I will just throw some names in random order: saidex, vul, Kajri Irving, Quaresma, Adi, Jury, mat, Canubio, Onur, BarneyROM (last 2 I didn't play too much with, but when I did, it was very nice experience).

10. Now 3 direct questions. The Best defenders on the game? The Hardest striker to play against? The Best player of the game?

Best defenders: menes, adi, R4D. Menes is allrounder, very good playmaking, adi and R4D are very hard to go through.

The Hardest striker to play against: Canubio, just because of his positioning. Perfect understanding of the job as a striker.

There is no best player in the game I think, every best player needs a team to support him otherwise he will still lose a game. I don't think there is a single player that can carry a game against anyone at the moment.

11. Can you share with us a game or an episode that happened in WoS that marked you or that will be hard to forget?

I think that would be the moment I started to use my RMB more at play making and scoring from crosses, that evolved me into better player and I like that style more and more because I'm still working on perfecting at it, become even more deadly striker-defender.

12. Do you have any message you would like to share with the rest of the community or someone in particular?