• Bernardo Silva

Interview with Manfias

1. Today we interview Manfias, one of our oldest players and the launcher of our academy Team's project. Talk us a bit about yourself.

My name is Antonio, I’m Portuguese and 28 years old. I’m a lawyer studying to be a judge, so it’s good to have a game to have fun and hang out, in the free hours :D I like to get along with everyone, so you’ll probably never see me get mad. Lately I’ve been trying to help this game move forward.

2- How did you found World of Soccer and how was you first contact with a WoS game style?

WoS is an improved version of a previous game from the same developer. That’s why many of the current players are pros: they have been playing this for 10 years or more xD (that’s how attractive this game can be). My brother JoneH showed this old game (Netsoccer) to me back in 2009, and I’ve played it ever since.

3- What do you like the most about the game?

In games like FIFA and PES, the 1-player experience is not even close to what it is in WoS.

For two main reasons.

First, you move and aim with the mouse. This gives you so much freedom that there are infinite possibilities of plays. You can play more tiki-taka, prefer crossing and header, or make tactics never seen before. It becomes very realistic.

Second, there is a strong community. All teams know each other, and all players know each other (at least for now). So there is a lot of friendships, groups, rivalries, fame, rumours… it’s like you really have a career and a life as a footballer!

4- What made you want to start an academy? Talk us a bit about that project and your goal with it.

The game is at an early start. So it needs more teams. And I see at least 30/40 new players every day.

The new players made a few teams, like Juventus FC, Quarantine and Dark Slide. But there was a huge gap between them and the old players’ teams, which were too good. So the matches were not competitive. So the new players complained to me everyday, saying that it was impossible to start, because either you are already too good, or you get squashed 50-0.

So we created the WoS Academy, where all new players can join. The idea is that, after training and learning to play here, the players can soon join or create better teams.

On the other hand, other teams are being created, like Trojans and Tugas FC, which are average level so they can compete both with the Academy and with the best teams.

More recently, ancient teams like FC Kaya and Team Lamus Prodigy have returned, which also increased competitivity.

Now, I think the game is becoming different: with less gap between the teams, more competitive and more welcoming to new players.

5- How has the academy experience been so far?

It’s been a lot of work: basically, I approach every new player I find (which is when he joins training or creates a team for himself) and invite him to the WOS Academy. Then we organize matches to let them practice and learn. When they are good enough, we liaise with better teams, who are always interested in recruiting new players with potential.

With only 2 weeks’ work, it shows a lot of good results already. I can tell you about 10 players that are now ready for better teams: jankauskas, Mr. Orange, Mingay Anad, Martin40, Dinchi, Kertes, Mister, mes, serefoski and Nebula, GoodEnough, MarKos... And they have only been playing for a few days. Some of them didn’t yet leave only because they don’t want to, as they already have invites from most teams!

6- It's known that we are preparing to start a league. In you opinion, which team is the favourite and who is the best player of the game?

At the moment, I think the trophy would be disputed between The Shield and Sons of Pitches. I don’t know who would win. The best player in the game… Maybe vul. But there are a lot of players at his level. Feispalm, Jaoinho, AlexdeSouza, Menes, Seed, SoccerVirtus, and the list goes on. So it’s tough to choose.

7- Do you have any message you would like to leave to the rest of the community?

To old players, I’d like to ask them to have more balanced teams, which include talented new players, instead of too good teams, composed only of the best old players in the game.

To everyone in general, I’d like to remind that when this game (its similar) had 800 active players, we used to have 15+ active teams, organized competitive leagues, famous rivalries, Champions League, National Teams, coaches, polls with the best players, awards of best scorer, best assist, best Team, and even weekly news!

This is where we can reach, and more. If we ever do, I think it will be most amazing game ever :D