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Interview with Lasteon

1. Today we interview Lasteon, striker from Hypernova. Talk to us a bit about yourself and how did you start to play World of Soccer.

Hi, my name is Matteo, I'm 30 years old and I live in a small town near Rome, Italy. I have done many jobs in my life, including DJ/Producer, web & graphic designer, social media manager and many other more "classic" ones. I currently have a job in the production office as production planning in a factory.

I have been playing WoS since it was created, as it came from the same developer as the previous game, where I started playing it since 2006 ... yes, I feel very old now, thanks. :P

2. What attracts you the most in the game? And any ideas you would like to see implemented on the game?

It is difficult to explain, I must say that I still cannot understand it today, after more than a decade I play, a game with which I grew up and therefore remained inside me. Probably the fact that it is something unique...I've never seen another game with a gameplay like this and all the mechanics that go around it, as the possibility of being able to manage entire teams made up of other teammates is also cool. Personally, it is practically the only online game where I play continuously, which makes it even more special for me.

3. You were one of the main players in Route One FC, do you think it will come back one day?

I don't think so, since many players they were part of today are not active ... like my Italian friends iL1NK (Eden) and Tim Cahill (Kejhill), Zoltan Gera, Feispalm and others. However, on my current team there is Levy who was one of the founders, together with Jake who I hope to be able to get back active.

4. You were on Spartans for a long time. Talk to us about how it all started, how it was and why it ended.

After the experience in Route One, I decided to help the growth of the game from the inside, then to help JoneH in Trojans and at the same time marry the cause of Academy. My advent followed that of other active players who pushed me to think about dividing the team so that we could play against and have fun together.

This was how Spartans were born, probably one of the most active teams in the game, full of good guys and talents.

Following the closure of Trojans many of the former players came to Spartans, which made the team even more active with 12+ players online every evening, so I decided to split, creating 2 balanced teams (practically taking only 2 old Spartans players and all the newcomers from Trojans with me), but the situation without me has gotten worse day after day, they have become suddenly less active and the team unfortunately ended (although then many of those players they created other teams and made others active, so it wasn't such a tragic thing).

5. Now you created a new project, Hypernova. Which are your objectives with this team?

One of the current problems of the "ecosystem" of the game is the continuous change of teams by the players, which makes it really difficult to create long-term close-knit teams with well-defined game styles, it also makes it difficult to interact with other teammates and the harmony of the group is lost... = teams that die every week.

So what I want to do (and which is fully succeeding atm) is to create a team in which everyone feels at home, having fun together with only good people, who do not give trouble. Players who are really good also in game, but who don't care if you lose or win or about rank, but who have fun and spend a little of that free time together.

I think whoever manages to make such a team has won at the start. Because in this game, the only thing that matters is, having fun. I created Hypernova with the intention of staying there for a long time and maybe staying forever.

6. Which are your predictions for the Official League? And if you had to guess which position your team would end, what would it be?

The Shield remains the team to beat, they have a well-tested group that has remained so over time. The team that can give him a hard time are certainly the NS Team, also considering the end of Sons of Pitches. Currently there are many teams that can fight for the same strength for the podium, such as Kaya, Mouse Freak, Aerials, and of course, Hypernova. Other teams may return for the occasion such as Lamus Prodigy and ROOTS.

7. We know that you have followed the development of many players since they started out on the Academy. Are there any players that you would like to recommend for some team scouts?

Of course, I have seen a lot of players in the academy grow so much, many of them currently play with me and have played in the past in Spartans.

In the academy there are currently many interesting players, the only problem is that some are constantly active, others are active in alternate moments.

If I have to name a few, surely the interesting ones are: Azzie, JoeMcLutz, Killua, jaco6sen, KosSpb, User, jeonje, Luqe, RTG, Platini, JT, bigbud and many others...

8. As an Admin of the game and constantly helping the community in all kind of matters, what can you tell us about that experience and which are your biggest challenges?

I have been working on online communities, since I was young, managing important forums, so this "managerial" attitude has remained with me today. So, I almost felt compelled to help a game I grew up with and I'm glad to do it.

Right now, the goal I would like to achieve is what I have been working on from the beginning, that is to try to make the players who come into the game then remain active. This is the task that the Academy has, first together with the help of Manfias and now thanks to Spacedeck, and of course all the guys who give activity in playing with "fake" accounts.

In the most practical and "visible" I have created all the logos of the teams I've been part of, including the 2 academies and the "Lasteon Arena" field and I believe that I will make others in the future. :)

9. Are there any players you specially like to play with? Or any player you would like to play with in the future? And who do you think are the best players in the game?

Ye, first of all I would like to play with myself always at the highest level, since, some games I am surprised at myself, in others I look like a clone that has come out badly ahahaha. Probably the fact of working on the pc office all day and then playing even in the evening does not help much.

Well in my career I have practically played with anyone ... nobody in particular comes to mind. I played good games with many players stronger than me. I would certainly like to play with my old Italian friends who are not currently active.

Certainly as a striker Kajri Irving is practically foolproof in front of goal. Btw, often only the offensive players are mentioned, when there is the role of the defender who is often a little underestimated, which is of fundamental importance for each team. The game has a lot of really good ones, I can mention a few especially of my team that I know well, but I avoid mentioning them, since they are all strong, but I really would like to mention only one: one of the strongest defenders of the game, a wonderful person, modest like few others, always manages to give a word of encouragement to others, whom I have respected for many years, Dexodd. <3

10. Can you share with us a game or an episode that happened in WoS that marked you or that will be hard to forget?

Probably if I was on the side of the reader, this would have been the question that would have intrigued me most ... the problem is that with all the things that happened in my career, remembering one is really complicated hahaha

If I have to remember something recently, the 2 wins in a row against NS Team made on May 29 in Spartans (almost 1000 rank points with 2 games, to make it clear the disparity there was). 2 of the most beautiful games ever played, with many goals in volley, impossible shoots and exceptional teamplay. Too bad not having recorded them, they would have been perfect for a trailer haha :D

11. Do you have any message you would like to share with the rest of the community or someone in particular?

I take the opportunity to ask all the owners of the various teams to give new players a chance. We, who have an active and experienced team, don't give new players opportunities to grow and make them active, then we can't complain that we don't see new players staying active in the game....

I also wanted to take a moment to thank the work that all the programmers and WoS staff has been doing lately. They took a game that had a base from a game older than 10 years ago, which still needed to be developed and made more usable and modern.

It's easy and fair to give ideas and report problems that arise after each update, but you also need to be patient that things are not done with a magic wand. We must first of all support every single update, new things should also always be appreciated because it is testimony to the fact that we are trying to renew a game that, as previously mentioned, has many years on its shoulders.

Last but not least, of course for those who can, financially support the game, because nobody pays the bills with the air, and therefore also the small gesture of the VIP / Partner (or crowdfunding for advertising) for a free to play game , it seems to me a beautiful thing to do to, keep the development going and also feel good about yourself because in some way you are helping the game and not just playing for free.

Thanks again and I can't wait to see the next updates and more and more people coming to play!