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Interview with Kajri Irving

1. Today we interview Kajri Irving, striker from The Shield. Talk to us a bit about yourself.

I'm 23 years old from Central part of Poland. My nickname suggests that I'm also basketball fan which is obviously true, but I'm not big supporter of a guy seen as my nickname anymore :D

I've changed my nicknames too many times in previous games, so I decided to stick with this one. On daily basis I'm also doing stuff connected to real sports.

2. When did you start to play World of Soccer and how did you find it?

Like most of our players I started my career in netsoccer 2 back in 2012, then played another similar game (TPM) and now I'm here on WOS.

3. What were the reasons that made you leave NS Team and create The Shield?

Back in NS Team for many days in a row we've had situation when we had around 10 players online and able to play while there wasn't any quality opponent available to play, so I decided to make own team & add one more top tier team to play against each other.

4. Did you always played as a striker? And did you had an idol or someone you would look up to when you were newer at the game?

No. Striker wasn't even my main position. For my whole career in these games I played most games on wing and I prefer to play on wing instead of striker. On WOS I decided to play more of atk only because this game is full of defs/mids.

It's hard to say I was new at any time because I went straight from other similar game. No I never had any idol.

5. You have recently passed the mark of 1000 goals on ranked matches, congratulations on that! Do you think that you are the best striker in WoS?

Individual players doesn't make that much difference compared to similar games and it's hard to say if I'm the best striker. This game is stacked at def/mid position but there is not many quality strikers, so just like in real football it depends on many factors.

For example Canubio is much better all-around player than me, but he isn't great shooter, so it means that he makes good teams even better (and would be more valuable on teams like The Shield or Sons of Pitches) while I would probably done better on average teams.

6. What kind of goal or skill would you say is your speciality? And do you have any tip to share with new players for getting better as strikers?

It's definitely quick shooting. When I get into shooting area I'm just trying to aim/shoot as quick as possible. My tip for new players would be probably trust your defs more - when new players get into offensive zone they just look to pass/dribble on offense while pass back to your defs gives you more space to operate.

7. A good striker does his best work when he has a good connection with his teammates. Are there any specific players that when you play with them, you feel like you can score more goals?

If I had to choose one player it's definitely our def mikel_amatrian. I feel like I get most golden opportunities when he's able to win header at offensive goal kick or when he's doing great job at pressing.

8. On another hand, who are the most difficult defenders you have ever faced on WoS?

Sepsiak and Adi. I'm not great at avoiding tackles so Sepsiak just crush me with his big body while Adi is the best defender in terms of positioning and 1v1 defending. If we're talking about non-elite teams then arceucinho doing solid job while playing against me.

9. You've won the Official League and got awarded as the top scorer. How did you think the league went? Already thinking on the next one?

Obviously it went amazing for us. We started 16-0-0 and 2nd win against Sons of Pitches gave us solid advantage. For now, we need few more players for our team, and then we will be ready for another season.

10. We just launched Quick Play, and we will keep improving it and add ranks to it. What's your thoughts about it?

So far Quick Play is just like pub, but when ranking system will be added this mode should be awesome.