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Interview with Jaoinho

Updated: May 25

1. Today we interview Jaoinho, an experienced midfielder from "Sons of Pitches". Talk to us a bit about yourself.

Evening lads, my name is Jaoinho most of the guys know me by that name but i've started my carreer with lots of different names: Chamakh, Franck Ribery etc. My real name is Jaouad and i'm from The Netherlands more specifically Eindhoven.

Ye a real PSV fan by blood ;). Tho my roots are from Morocco. I'm close to 26 rn and I work fulltime as a teamleader operator in a small factory in my city. I've been playing football since my 6th birthday and I actually got a taste of (semi)professional football in my younger years. Ain't nobody got time for that rn but it was a gr8 experience.

2. When did you start to play this type of games and how did you come across World of Soccer? That's actually way back, since i'm a real football nerd I searched for any kind of football game untill i found Netsoccer, that should be around end 2007, so i'd say 13 years ago. Honestly I can't recall how i found it, was on some shady website back then ^^

Also played games like New Star Soccer, Socceracy (tiny bit), TPM. I didn't really look for a new game after NS but many of my friends PM'd me to join WoS back in 2015 I think and well after a few years and its revival i got PM'd again ^^

3. What attracts you the most on the game?

The freedom you have as 1 player, the diversity of playstyles and the choices that can be made. Like you can play any position you like and if you're friendly enough with others they actually wanna team up and you play against other players online, this is just not comparable with other football games.

Therefore it's always been nostalgia when returning to such game(s) like NS for example since i've met so many guys in the game and we always kept in contact through Facebook/whatsapp.

4. You created Sons of Pitches, in which way do you think it stands out from the rest of the other teams?

Yeah well gotta be honest that it wasn't my idea only of course, with BarneyROM and AlexdeSouza we all three created it and we just wanted to give it another shot but doing it our way. With the players we wanted that is.

I'd say outside of the fact that we have a lot of European players, we also try different styles of playing. Tiki Taka is my most favorite style but it isn't that easy to do in WoS like it was in NS, we like to mix it up alot. And it works most of the time ^^. Also Big Brains is necessary xd

5. Are there any players you specially like to play with? And who do you think is the best player of the game?

Yes definitely, players like BarneyROM, AlexdeSouza, Manfias, JotaPe are players i've enjoyed playing with since day 1. Obviously i'd try to get those back with me. But i'd say AlexdeSouza been my right hand since forever and we just enjoy playing with each other even if we mess up a lot at times ^^

At first in my opinion the best player was vul by far. But now after more months into the game, there are a lot of really good players that tap his level; Canubio, BarneyROM, Kajri Irving, Lazarz, Manfias, AlexdeSouza(best def imo) and the list goes on.

6. What about real life friends and WoS? Are there any WoS players that you have met in real life?

Actually yes, Manfias which i teamed up with for years since 2010-ish, i met him last year in the summer during my summerbreak in Lissabon (gr8 lad and wingman btw). I also met AlexdeSouza years ago and I kinda brought Akinho in this game since he was my neighbour.

7. How about foes? Do you have any, or had any hard rivalries during these years?

In WoS our/mine foe(s) are definitely The Shield, i love playing against Kajri for example, just to thrash him which doesn't always work. But i love the rivalry. And one player i just can't stand losing against is JotaPe xD

8. You have played some games in the Academy, did you get to know some of the new talents? Any good indications you could mention?

Yes I did, to be honest there are alot of players who are good already and hopefully most keep trying but what i've seen some great potentials like; Mes, Mr Orange, Jankauskas, Fer and many more.

9. About the Official League, how do you think it has been working out? And what are your predictions for the winner and for your team placement?

It started out really good, got a bit messy in between but thats to be expected for a first try league, but i really like it that most teams/players take it seriously (bit like Ranked in League of Legends id say).

For us as a team it didn't go quite as we wanted but first place was still visible, untill Today 10-5-2020 when we kinda lost the game against Komputer (props to them for putting a real challenge against us). My prediction wont be that off I think; The Shield wins the first league edition of 2020. And as far for second place its gonna be either our own team (SoP) or Kaya/NS Team. Tho we didn't throw the towel in the ring yet.

Also wanted to give a special thanks to the Dev team (JoneH, Ciangi, Rast, MaDLle, etc) for doing a gr8 job with the current updates and keeping us posted when necessary.