• Bernardo Silva

Interview with Experimental

1. Today we interview Experimental, an experienced defender from "The Shield". Talk us a bit about yourself.

I'm from Poland, 28 years old, on daily basis working as a medical doctor. I’m a passionate cyclist(pure amateur), music geek and traveler, but since the COVID-19 outbreak and the introduction of all the social restrictions I spend my time mostly rotating between work and my home computer, which has brought me back to WoS ;)

2- When did you started to play this type of game and how was your first contact with World of Soccer?

I've started a long time ago, the moment NetSoccer came out. I believe it could have been almost 15 years ago(damn, I’m old…). I actually began my “career” under the nickname Majkel7, so some might know me better by that name, which I change later to Experimental.

Netsoccer is a long-gone game, which you could call a prototype of World of Soccer. It was a game with great community and big potential. I think it could be still around with great success, but sadly the developer didn’t show enough interest in the game and didn’t care about the community. Now I hope, that with such a committed team and proper management WoS will do as well, or maybe even better than Netsoccer did in his glory-days.

My first experience with WoS was probably around 2015 – I played only 1-2 hours, the mechanics of the game felt a bit odd and slow to me, I didn’t also had a lot of time back then and…. that was it for me. The second contact is now and it’s much better!

3- What do you like the most about the game?

I like the freedom that the game offers, the ability to control your player with a mouse is really unique among football games. It’s a game easy to play, very accessible to new players, but also hard to master, which makes it challenging for all those with a competitive edge.

4- There is a stereotype that polish players like to play a more direct playstyle based on crosses and long passes. Do you agree with it? And do you think that's the more efficient way to play?

I think it was like this “in the old days”, now it all got mixed up. But yes, once the long passes and crosses were typical for polish players, while the style of combination play based on short passes was characteristic for “mixed-European” teams. Personally I’m more of a fan of short, fast passes, link-up and combination play.

5- As a defender, who is the hardest striker to play against? And who is the defender you like most to play with?

In my honest opinion the game really lacks quality-strikers. It might be due to the mechanics, which make individual plays, shots and dribbles in the central part of the field extremely tough. The game favors team play, which is good, but the strikers can’t really shine as an individual. If I had to distinguish someone it would be Canubio for some really amazing playmaking and off-the ball movement, Kajri Irving for top-class finishing and vul for the overall great performance.

I didn’t have the chance to play with a lot of defenders, but so far my best experience was with mikel_amartian, my defensive partner from The Shield.

6- There is an whole new generation of players in WoS and some of them seem to be showing potential. Do you think they will reach the level of "old schools" like yourself and your teams mates? What do you think it takes for a new player to become a great?

I’m sure they can reach our level if they only try hard enough. It will take some time, practice, a lot of games… but eventually they will catch up and who knows, maybe some will surpass us.

Aside from pure skills, to be “great” a player also needs the right mindset – e.g. the ability to stay focused, to play “for the team”, not “for himself”, to cover for his teammates. That’s usually something that differentiates the great from the good.

7- The Official League has started. Do you think your team will finish at first place? And what are your thoughts until now about the league?

The league is a great initiative, it brought some new, much needed energy and freshness into the game. We are first now and of course we’d be so glad to keep the lead till the end, but the opponents are very strong and our squad is pretty small, which makes it hard to get the best 5 to all games. I think the fight for the 1st place will take place between The Shield, Sons of Pitches and Blackbirdz. There are also pretty many teams who can be troublesome for the best teams and win vs anyone like FC Kaya, NS Team, The Lamus Prodigy or Half Dead. But league is also important for the (on paper) weaker teams, with new players, who will get a lot of invaluable experience, which should profit in the future. And you know, after all it’s just fun ;)