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Interview with BarneyROM

1. Today we interview BarneyROM, midfielder from Sons of Pitches. Talk to us a bit about yourself.

Hello! My name is Andrea, I'm 26, I'm 100% Italian (I'm not Romanian as someone suspected: P), and I am a management engineer.

2. When did you start to play World of Soccer and how did you find it?

I started playing World of Soccer back in 2015 since it was advised somewhere related to the old Netsoccer2 community, I think. Many people mentioned it in Netsoccer 2 chats anyway, so I gave it a try. At first, I didn't really like it, I'll be honest, but it evolved during the updates and now it's way better that he used to be. And most importantly, unlike the past it keeps getting updates and I'm sure this is a key factor to improve.

Before WoS I started with Netsoccer2 many years before. I'm playing since the end of 2009 approximately with many long pauses... but I'm still here!

3. What's the story behind your nickname?

Meh, Barney is related to the character of HIMYM, which it used to, and still is, my favorite show. ROM is actually related to Romania, but not to my nationality by any means. Back when I chose the nick it represented a chapter of my life which is now ended. Nevertheless, the nick remains! Even my friends in real life call me Barney or ROM at times :D

4. What about real life friends and WoS? Are there any WoS players that you have met in real life?

I talk every day with Varg Vikernes, and we played together a lot of games through the years. We originally met in Netsoccer2, and despite never seeing each other in real life we remained good friends. He played WoS for a while, but he's kinda busy right now, hopefully he'll come back in the future.

I met an old NS and WoS player, Aquarius, but he currently can't play because he only owns Mac. He frequently asks me about the game, and he's very addicted to it, despite not being able to play, so maybe he'll be back in the future :D

5. We've been making a lot of updates on matchmaking and betting a lot on it. What do you think about MM and the way it's progressing?

I like the idea, of course it needs some improvements but I have no doubts it will receive them over time. Right now the main focus of the community is on it, but I think in future things will change, and we will assist to regular challs having an increasing impact, hopefully with some new players brought in by matchmaking itself.

6. You have changed teams quite a bit already, why has that been happening?

Well, at the start I changed some teams because I didn't want to play for the best team at that time (Rebel Alliance), then after SoP death I tried to help as much as I could some EU teams, but struggled so far. My goal right now is to have a very good team again, to compete with The Shield and NS team, just like SoP used to do.

7. You've created Sons of Pitches again. What are your objectives for that team?

As I was saying I want to compete again. I was against elite teams in the first phase because I found them pointless without a decent number of good players being around, but I think that in a long term conception it's good to have good teams to inspire newbies on how they could improve. Back when I started I liked watching Zeitgeist, or Enigma playing, and I think it's necessary to have the same will to improve.

8. Are there any players you specially like to play with? Or any player you would like to play with in the future?

I'd like to play with my old SOP mates, so jao, alex, canubio (when he doesn't trick :P), dixi, and many others we had there back then. Elite players and elite FRIENDS! And why not I'd like to add Lazarz to the roster, very fun (when he's drunk) and skilled guy (when he isn't) :D

9. Who are the hardest midfielders to face on your side of the field? And why?

I think I can tactically fight well with everyone on wing, so probably the most dangerous I had to face are those who are technically very fast on 1vs1. My play style is very based on fast volleys for counters, so I always have an eye for others' movements, and having such players on my wing means I can't lose focus watching around, else I'm screwed. That's why I'd say Chocolate and Vul are the hardest for me to play against.

10. Which are your predictions for the Official League?

I didn't really follow much this season. I think The Shield will win again, but I hope NS Team will, for a change :D

11. What attracts you the most in the game? And any ideas you would like to see implemented on the game?

Everyone playing this game is attracted by the fact that it is basically all manual, allowing you to put the ball exactly where you would want it to be, unlike Fifa or other football games where shoots/passing/runs and whatever are sort of coded and can't be fully piloted. Regarding new features it would be cool to have a better personalization of your character based on your play style or maybe even your career, in the short term.

On a longer period I'd also like to have some temporary modes. They have been a huge factor on big games growth like Fortnite. So for example there could be a limited time mode where you have stamina and you have to understand how to spend it, or like one of those new modes introduced in Fifa where you temporarily lose a man after you score. Anything which would attract more people, anyway. I think the most fun thing this game has to aim to be a huge increase in terms of player base :)

12. Now 3 direct questions. The best midfielder on the game? The hardest defender to play against? The best player of the game?

The best midfielder is vul, unmatched speed, shots and volleys. The hardest defender is probably AlexDesouza, but I'd like to mention Nani too. They are both not as active as they used to be, so they could even get better, but you can clearly see they have another level of understanding. The best is probably vul, but I think he used to be better. Now there are more people being close seconds, or even at the same level.

13. Can you share with us a game or an episode that happened in WoS that marked you or that will be hard to forget?

I like to remember hard-to-get challenges, so that's why one of the best memories I associate to WoS happened back in 2015. I was leading an Italian academy for some months already, and some players started to be very good, and we drew against Rebel Alliance. Rebel were undisputed best team back then, and they left no prisoners, so it was a huge achievement despite being "just" a draw. It's bad that basically none of those Italian guys play right now, and probably they don't even know the game is on, hopefully they will find out sooner or later :)

More recently I also have a good memory of a previous season game when we played SoP-BlackBirdz. We struggled to have always a good lineup in league that season, unfortunately, but that week-end we had everyone on, and we won every game, even this one saw us winning 4-0 with a crazy intense game. Special mention to Canito who for once focused :P

14. Do you have any message you would like to share with the rest of the community or someone in particular?

I communicate pretty often with the community already, so there isn't a special message I'd like to share, but I really hope we will grow as a player base, and if that happens, I expect old users like me and many others to be helpful towards newbies and try to consolidate them to the game. I know that short-time fun is good, but I think everyone knows deep inside that the most fun thing is having a lot of different players to play against and with, so we all should try to reach it :)

Thanks everyone for reading, and see you in game :)