• Bernardo Silva


Crowdfunding is an extra way for you to help a project you like and want to see flourish. It allows an enterprise to reach that extra-mile that is sometimes much needed.

What We Need

We need more visibility on the game. We know for a fact that people can easily "fall in love" with the game, but we need to get out there and get players to try it!

For that to happen, we need funds. The point of this campaign is to gather funds exclusively for advertising the game.

What You Get

Anyone who contributes, will be very well rewarded in-game with exclusive and personalized custom-made visuals. Some of these rewards will be skins, fields, artbooks, WoS T-Shirts, unlimited vip and partner and much more!

The Impact

We won't stop until the game reaches hundreds of players on a daily basis. Help us reach this goal!!

Risks & Challenges

The game is online, and we will continue to work on it. It is for us a long term project that won't end in case we don't get the funding we intend. This is extra funding that can give the game and the community a very important boost!

Other Ways You Can Help

Some people just can't contribute, but that doesn't mean they can't help:

- Share our campaign with your friends and fellow gamers! ​

- Share our Social Media pages and posts Crowdfunding Link: https://www.worldofsoccer.online/crowdfunding

Thank you!